Music and Society

In this day and age digital platforms such as Spotify and YouTube are taking over the music industry, which means that artists are not making as much profit as they have done in over 10 years. I believe that this has a positive and negative effect on the


Industry, artists and up and coming artists. the one platform I think that promotes this the most is the well-known Spotify which billions of people use every day.

The aspect of the industry we can see losing out on money most is CD and Record/LP sales because using an app to download “free” music with the technology we have nowadays it proves to be ten times easier. Its plain to see that sales in pysical music has dropped dramatically in the last ten years because near enough everyone has a mobile phone or a device in which they can download or stream any song they want in the touch of a button. you can pay a standard monthly amount of £9.99 or £4.99 for a student and you have over 30m song right in your hand, this means that artists such as Drake can get streams by the billions. Last year Drake’s s music streamed over 4.1bn times and every hour his songs are streamed over 500,000 times on Spotify alone.

Because of the growth in Spotify and Apple music, music streaming has passed over 100m paying subscribers which was something that never seamed possible some years ago.

Universal music couldn’t be happier with these soaring numbers because they are the label that distributes Drake’s music and collects royalties from Spotify each time someone streams one of his songs. it’s artist like Drake who helped build universals profitability last year,  earning the company £1.1bn in streaming revenues in the first nine months of the year which is enough to make up for the fall in CD sales and digital downloads.

Some artists have been reluctant to join the streaming crusade, one artist in particular Taylor Swift, who pulled all her songs from Spotify in November 2014, later explaining she was “not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment”. Her work has just recently returned to Spotify this year the same day that Katy Perry released her new album which seems to have caused a conflict because they dislike each other.

This graph above shows how many streams in america it takes on each platform to make a $1 as you can see its a lot easier to make money when people are subscribed to the platform.

Despite the impressive numbers, there is still tension between the biggest music labels and the technology groups that pipe millions of songs into screens and devices each year. The music groups hold the leverage. The source of their power is found in places like the studios at Universal Music’s offices in places such as Manhattan, where master recordings are copied and then filtered into mobile phones, shopping malls and living rooms. Through ownership of the rights to these master recordings, Universal, Warner Music and Sony together control 80 per cent of all recorded music, with Universal having a one-third share. Spotify pays 70 per cent of its revenues to the content owners while Apple is said to pay a higher rate.

Service Paid users (millions)
Spotify 43m
Apple Music 20.9m
Deezer 6.9m
Rhapsody/Napster 4.5m
Google Play Music 2.7m
Tidal 1m
Others 21.4m

The table above shows just how many people have a subscription to one or more of these platforms, Spotify proving to be the most popular.

Streaming may or may not be the start of something amazing for these labels, but these are halcyon days for the music lover, with companies like Vevo and Pandora preparing to launch subscription services to compete with Google, Deezer, Apple, Amazon, Tidal and Spotify. So far, Spotify has set itself apart by offering well set out playlists and well-targeted song suggestions for each person depending on what you listen to.

Over all, I believe that all these platforms have more positive affects than negatives. the positives are that it is a lot easier to become an up and coming artist because you can put your own self recorded material onto these platforms, but unless you are well-known or have very good self promotion you more than likely wont make a lot of money from doing this, which is a negative. On the other hand if you are a very well situated artist in the industry and are singed to a good label with all the promotion you can get you are more likely to make a lot more money but more so for the lable than what you actually get. Personally I feel like Spotify is a great platform for music and the fact that you have millions of songs at your finger tips is amazing and once you have subscribed the only thing that can stop you from downloading al the songs you want is your storage on your phone.


SSI Assignment.

For my assignment research, I am going to use a mixture of primary and secondary data.

I will accomplish this by using articles, interviews and videos on YouTube that are relevant to the topic I have chosen which is Music Psychology and how/why music makes us feel the way we feel and react to certain styles/genres of music.

The way I will present my research in the form of an essay but use videos and images to make my research more interesting.


Another way I will get research for my essay will be using experiments. An experiment I am thinking of doing is getting a group of people of different ages and backgrounds and play them 2-3 different songs that are the same and video their reaction and ask them how that certain piece of music makes them feel and what is going through their mind.

So the question I’m a looking to answer is:

“Does or can different styles/genres of music affect the way we think/feel and if so why?”

The kinds of things I am going to be looking at to get the best answer I can for this question is going to be looking at Music Psychology and also Mental Health and the way music can positively and negatively impact our thought process.

The method I am going to be using for my research is mostly Secondary data, this is because I will be using more books on Music Psychology and interviews on YouTube.

Here is one of the videos that I have found that explains how music affects the brain.

In this video Jessica talk about music and movement in humans and animals and why we respond to the music the way we do.

Below is a video of Hauke Egmermann explaining how we connect emotions to music.

In this video bellow james talks about the way that music classical.

“In times of superficiality and exteriorly, we need to learn to look into ourselves, and truly listening to music is a great way of doing this. Music is a trust worthy friend that can save you even in your darkest moments.”

In this video above James talks about the way that music, classical particularly can get you trough the worst tines in your life. he talks about his own experiences  and how music has been a lot more helpful and powerful in helping him more than any of the medication that he has taken over the years. he also talks about the inner self and how people nowadays don’t express what’s going on inside so they do things on the outside like use social media to make it a little easier rather than the other way round and doing more on the stuff that’s going on inside.

He plays a song for the audience that he believes will express mindfulness and thinks that everyone should take more time to just sit and be one with music for just 5 minuets and just connect to it and listen.

One of the way music affects us and the way we feel so much is because we associate different styles of music with different and experiences that we have been through with the music that we listen to in that moment. for example we associate sad songs with sad feelings and memories and we are in a sad mindset or if we are going through a hard time we find ourselves listening to music that represents that and that we feel we can relate too.

Another example of this would be the opposite, so when we are feeling happy or excited about something we listen to music that represents this by listening to more uptempo and upbeat songs that again, we can relate too.
The main thing that I have been looking at is music therapy and how professional therapists use music as a tool to heal or start to heal people who suffer with depression, stress, anxiety and other mental heath issues.

The reason why I am so interested in this concept is because I personally have been dealing with mental heath issues for a few years now and have looked into getting help through a therapist that uses music. in a way I do it myself because I have an app called Spotify and on their it has play lists made for everything you can think of every mood or event and it allows you to listen to that music and escape. I listen to music all day everyday it’s very rear that I’m not listening to music even playing my guitar helps it give me an escape from the world and it allows me to write my own songs to express how I’m feeling inside and I find it very helpful.

Below are screenshots that show some of the differnt catagories of playlists on Spotify.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.03.34 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.03.55 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.04.18 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.04.37 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.05.13 PM

Below is a video of a female therapist who works with hospitals mostly with patients who have tried to comte suicide and she takes the way that they will feel and plays that emotion on the guitar so that they can relate to it and connect to it so they feel more comfortable and trusting in her so that they can eventually talk about what’s going on in their inner self. this is obviously not a one day thing it takes a lot of time for these people to get to that point.this is proof that trying to get these patients to take straight off the bat is never going to work because you find that people who are going through these things are very enclosed and don’t tall about things which I know I do. but if you give them music and let them participate in it you’ll find that it gives them something they can release everything on.

I have carried out and experement to see what peoples reactions are to different types of songs. for thids experement i have chosen 3 different people to test my theory on, i have chosen 3 people that are very different to each other that have experienced differnt ups and downs throughout their lives and also thay all have a differnt music taste. for my experenent i will chose 4 differnt songs which are very different from each other. afet they have listend to the songs i will ask them 3 questions which are;

  1. How does this song make you feel?

  2. Does this song make you think of any spicific memories or times in your life?

  3. Do you believe that music can affect the way you think/feel and potentially have a positive and negitive affect on your brain?

You Need Me Man, I Don’t Need You – Ed Sheeran

The Hunter – Slaves

Vitamin C – Clean Cut Kid

Beethoven’s 5 Secrets – The Piano Guys

Jamie: as you can see from this video throughout the song he is not showing much emotion through his body language but he is constantly moving to the songs which shows that in his head he is annoying the song and it is making him feel good.


This is where my question comes in:

Can different styles/genres of music affect the way we feel/think and if so why/how?

My answer to this is very much a yes, I certainly do. i think that music plays a massive part in every single persons life and I do believe that music is a massive part in recovery from mental illnesses  because as you can see from the videos that I have supplied on this research that there are a lot of aspects to music therapy and music phycology and it has proved to be very helpful for mental health patients. the one video that shows this the most is the professional therapist Hope.E.Young, where she explains how she uses music to help people get back to a better mental state with the power of music. what she does helps enforce trust bond with her patients so they can connect to her and the music so it mean that can eventually open up.

Overall I think music is a very powerful thing that has been around for thousands of years and has always been used as an escape for life and to help people to get back on their feet. no matter where you’re from what you do what you believe in or even who you are music connect everyone and makes us all unite and music is universal anyone can do it.

I do believe that music can change your life or even save it. I am proof of this.

MSFMI Assignment 2

For our sound of the moving image project, we had to choose a clip approximately 2 minutes long that would be challenging enough for us for us to recreate the Foley effects for.bthis meant that we could choose anything from a movie clip to a video game to a TV advertisement. I decided that I would choose the video of the Space Shuttle Discovery launch, I chose this because it gave me a chance to recreate some cool effects, for example, the dialogue in the first half of the video.

  • the video below shows the clip that I have chosen.

The first thing I did was found the right video for me to recreate after I did this I emailed the clip to our tutor so that he could put the video onto a studio one file and also take the sound out so we could start straight away. I started off the process by bringing the video up on youtube and creating a storyboard soi could write down all the different sounds and effects that I needed and where about in the clip I would need them.

After I had compleated all this I took to the internet to find out the best way to make the sounds that i needed. Furthermore, we were allowed to use the sounds and effects from the MIDI keyboards at college as well our own recordings. Personally, i found this very useful because of itment that any sound that was particularly hard could be done using MIDI.
One sound I found hard on the clip was the helicopter because it is such a specific sound and it is hard to try and replicate so to get this I used a foley sound from the internet that I found and it worked pretty well, to be honest.

One foley sound I enjoyed most was the dialogue in the first half of the video when they are preparing for launch because it was fun to try out all of the different effects and trying to make it sound as dirty as possible as it sounds very distorted on the clip as it comes trough the tabloids.

Another factor about this clip that I loved was the that there was no music in the video so it gave me a free rein over what kind of music I wanted to put on the clip and also where I wanted to put it also the feel I wanted to create with the clip. I decided that I would fade in the music a couple of seconds before the launch faded out so it gave an ambient feel. The kind of feel I originally wanted was a space kind of sound and something that was very chilled. Below is a video I found of what my thoughts on the kind of music I wanted were.

After a couple of lessons of playing around with the MIDI keyboard, I came to the conclusion that I just wanted a simple yet pretty piano riff to finish off the video nicely. to achieve this I asked on of my good friends if he could play something that would fit the description that I gave him and he did, so to record this I simply used my Sony Xperia to record the piano. When I get the sound on studio one I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the recording on my phone microphone and I was pleased with the turnout.

When I had put all my sounds on studio one that’s when I started playing about with all of the smaller details, for example, fading sounds in and out so that they were and all there in your face at the same time also cutting the parts that I didn’t need out so it wall went smoothly.

The final touch ups I did on my video was making sure everything sounded right and were in the right place and time with the video. after I had done all this and checked my video I had to do export al my files so that my tutor could take them all easily so she was messing around finding each clip.

  • below is a picture of the process we had to do to export our files.

Overall I think that I have done and the alright job with this project and I have learnt that my phone has a great quality mic on it.
One thing I would have done differently was that I would have spread my tie wisely and spent more time on the dialogue to get it sounding perfect also I would have taken more time on sorting the dialogue out which I’m not happy about because without the dialogue the video sounds empty and sounds like its missing something. The reason I couldn’t get the dialogue on was simply because it wouldn’t do it and I don’t know why but I intend to find out why.

MMP Band & Job Role Logbook.

  • Band logbook – Orange
  • Job role logbook – Grey
  • additional informationBlue

For this terms logbook, I have decided to do one of the bands I’m in and I have chosen to do the 2000’s because I am focusing more on my guitar skills and trying new things not just in try that but maybe a little bit of lead. also a lot of people I this band I have hardly worked with throughout college or I haven’t worked with them at all.

band members:

  • Helen brown – lead vocalist
  • me – guitar + backing vocals
  • sam mason – guitar
  • Edgar – bass
  • Julian – drums
  • Charlie (first year) – keys 

#1: Tuesday 9th January.

today for our first rehearsal we went to a booth and sat around and talked about our ideas for the band and because we’re doing two different gigs what kind of thing we would do. everyone suggested a lot of songs and this proved difficult to narrow it down to a number of songs that we needed.

#2: Friday 13th January.

unfortunately, I wasn’t in able to make it into college today so I missed our rehearsal.

on our Facebook group chats I got the info for the session and what the band did so I was up to speed on what had happened. in the rehearsal the band made a start on our first song that we had decided on which is You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse, they said that the rehearsal went really well and they got through most of the song.

#3: Tuesday 16th January.

today in our rehearsal we carried on with the Amy Winehouse song. I and Sam worked on our guitar parts to get them the best we could so we were clashing or playing the same thing, I also used my fender drive pedal to help with this to get a different tone and the closest to the recording I could.

also because I am doing backing vocals I and Helen worked on the harmonies in the choruses and who would do which part.

to make the sound have even more texture we needed to add the brass parts by which we had decided to add for the next rehearsal. 

#4: Friday 20th January.

Today Helen wasn’t in the rehearsal so it gave us a chance t work on the structure of the song and also it gave us a chance to break the song down and work on the different stops and breaks also it gave us a chance to work on the dynamics.

#5: Tuesday 24th January.

§in our rehearsal today we focused more on the finer details of you know I’m no good because in our meeting before this rehearsal we found out that we had a show and tell on Friday for the song that we had started learning.

so with this in mind we focused on the smaller things that make a bug difference like the breaks and parts where different instruments drop out for example after the choruses where everyone dropped out and there’s a sax riff, so to make it even better we had Kerry and jess who are playing sax for us came in today and spent most of the rehearsal with us which gave us a better knowledge where their parts come in and out. also having them both just gave the song a different feel altogether.

unfortunately, Helen wasn’t in today so I covered the vocal for today so we could follow the structure more. the only downfall to this is that I couldn’t do the harmonies with the original melody.

#6: Friday 27th January.

today instead of a rehearsal we had a show are tell where each band performed one song that they had been learning.

my band, the 2000s, played You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse which I think overall sounded pretty good to say we didn’t have everyone on each rehearsal. the only part of the song that really let us down was the ending where we had practised slowing down but not everyone was sure so we ended in different places but it gives us something to improve on.

whilst playing I found some places where I could improve which is basically just drilling the structure and chord changes into my head and know which inventions I’m going use and where. 

after we finished the song the tutors gave us feedback and give us ideas on what to improve on and what we did well. one of the tutors said to me about how I have improved with my playing and using different inversions instead of playing block chords.

#7: Tuesday 31st January.

Today in our rehearsal we had decided that we should start or the second song that we had chosen which is starlight by the muse. 

We picked the song because it has many different rhythms within the song that aren’t particularly hard but it is tricky fitting them all in together and getting them to be in time also making sure all the stops and breaks on certain interments are pulled off smoothly.

However today we were missing the two crucial parts that make up our band so we could have a productive rehearsal which was drums and bass. never the less we carried on and made a start on the song, to be honest I think it benefited us because it gave us (guitar and piano) a chance to work on our parts and get a basic knowledge of the song so that we could dive straight in the next rehearsal when we were all back in the booth.

We worked through every section and eventually got through the whole song and it sounded pretty good already with just the guitars and piano and vocals. in the middle of the session, while sam was playing the chorus melody line he had thought that I was playing the wrong chord, he thought I should be playing a D# and I was certain that I should be playing a D#m. I was positive I was right because I had learnt the chords and the song previously to the rehearsal and had been playing along with the original track and it all sounded right to me. to fix this problem I got my phone out and got the song up because I had got it saved on my phone in case we needed to listen to the song in the rehearsal, so I got the track up and also got up a video on YouTube of a guy playing the song which I had watched to learn the chords. 

It turned out that we were both right but where I stayed on the D#m he went from a D# to a D#m because he was playing the melody line and it is slightly different to what I play.

Overall the rehearsal went really well and we are ready to pick another song which we will discuss over our Facebook group chats.

Friday 3rd Feb

For our rehearsal today the band had agreed to carry on with starlight because we had two band members missing, the previous rehearsal. Today, unfortunately, we didn’t have Helen which wasn’t a massive problem but we did need her because we got a bit lost with the structure because we had no vocal to go by because this has happened a couple of times I think I will also learn the vocal parts just incase Helen isn’t in because this will mean that we don’t have to struggle through that particular area of the song also isn’t easy when you don’t have the singers as its hard to keep to the structure of the song and in time with the lyrics, this also means that the band cant get the right levels so were accompanying to vocalist instead of the band over powering the vocal.

However the rehearsal went really well and we got a lot more done, we added the drums and bass as they were both in during this session.This gave us chance to work on the dynamics in the build-ups where all the instalments join at the end of the chorus ending on the f#7 for a bar and then dropping out to just the distorted bass.

To get the right bass sound our bassist has got some effects pedals that he said he will use to get the right tone, Again for this song I am using my fender drive pedal but turning the gain up more to get a better distorted and gritty tone out of my Telecaster


One of the main reasons our band works so well together is because we communicate a lot in our Facebook group chat, where we share song suggestions and other things like lighting and backdrop ideas, this is good because everyone knows what is happening when they walk into the booth and we set up quick and also everyone knows their parts, which saves a massive amount of time also it doesn’t interfere with our rehearsal time

*group chat screenshot*


This video shows the song we have been rehearsal today but without our vocalist.

There are a few mistakes but this is understandable because this is our second rehearsal of this song but our first altogether, so I think that it went pretty well in my opinion.`

Further more, at the end of our session we went through I know you’re no good to refresh our minds on it and also to work on the ending to get it perfect and to make sure everyone is locked in with each other. in this song it has some great build ups like starlight has in the chorus which means that we are focused on our dynamics and our volume levels more so the we are playing with the vocals and the vocals aren’t playing with us.

For our next rehearsal, we are going to pick another song on the group chat.

Tuesday 7th Feb

Today in our rehearsal everyone in the band was here which meant that we could go through Starlight as a full band for the first time. one thing that kept this band going so well is that everyone knows their parts which makes the whole proses a lot more simple and quicker for us to get all of our songs done, also this means that we get more time to focus on the finer details of our songs to get them perfected. for example today we worked a lot more on the texture and dynamics and also the tone of the guitars to get them like the recordings. we also looked at adding another guitar part for sam so he didn’t have to keep on the bass riff which one of the tutors had previously suggested, he suggested that sam should play open chords to fill the song out more.



This video shows a few runs through of the song we have been rehearsing and some alterations in the song that we have added. as you can hear at the start of the video someone was out of tune and we couldn’t figure out what it was or who it was, eventually we figured out that it was the keyboard because Charlie turned it on and off again and we tried again and it sounded fine afterwords.

Overall I think that the rehearsal went pretty well and we were productive and got a lot covered.

We plan to learn a new song for the net week.

Tuesday 14th Feb

For our rehearsal today we had decided to learn crying lightning by Arctic monkeys.

*video of song*

We chose this song because it is complex enough for each player to push us outside our comfort zones. over the weekend sam (the second guitarist) sent me the tutorial to learn the guitar parts, luckily im a monkeys fan so I know the song and the structure of the song. unluckily I didn’t have the chance to look at it until Tuesday morning.

*picture of chat*

The thing that me and sam needed to work on and figure out who was doing which parts and who was playing which riffs. after we had figured this out we played together and tried to use as much or the rehearsal before we had to preformed the song for show and tell on the friday 17th along with the muse song that we have been practising.

Thursday 16th Feb

So today was the first day that the roadies were really able to get stuck in with the process of the gig planning and set up. this was because we had a show and tell on the 17th in the venue in our college and it all needed setting up which meant that we needed to find out what all the equipment that we needed to move and move it from the studio to the venue.

*list of eqipt *

This list shows all the equipment that we were swapping for what was already in the venue. the team of roadies got put into pairs and allocated a job to do to be more organised in the moving process .

*pic of whiteboard*

As the picture shows above I was put with Danny and we got told to be in charge of the drum kit.


These photos show the team of roadies working together to move all the equipment from one room to another and set up the stage.

Thursday 17th Feb

We had previously decided to do an extra rehearsal before show and tell to go through the new arctic monkeys song to get a better understanding of the song because the stage and all the equipment had been set up so we practiced in the venue which also gave the sound engineer ben a chance to sound check all the equipment and get a good level for each part of the band and also gave him a chance to use the replacement desk. it also have us a chance to play with the amps that we would be using in the gig and get the right tones and level for our instrument.

In this rehearsal we went over the two songs that we were doing for show and tell which was starlight and crying lightning and they needed to have the most work because we needed to get the finer details of the songs.

Friday 17th Feb 

Today was the day of our second show and tel. I felt pretty confident in the two songs that we had chosen to perform and I felt confident in the parts that I was playing.

The feed back we got back from the tutors was mostly positive but they did give us some things to work on which was understandable and our band agreed with what they said, for example one of the tutors said that our endings on both of t he songs let us down and didn’t do justice to how well we played the songs and how tight we were and that they needed some attention. 

One positive thing that was said was that me and Helen (lead singer) had a good sound and the harmonies were on point and that our voices worked well together.

For our next rehearsal when we come back from the half turn we will focus on the feedback we have been given.

during the next few weeks we have no rehearsals as it is half term and then our solo recital exams.

Tuesday 28th february

we continued to work on crying lightning, focusing on the tempo, ending and our sound levels throughout and also the dynamics and texture of the song so that it differentiated between parts of the song so it didn’t all sound the same. we have also decided that we should start working on a new song. I suggested that we do a more well-known song because all the songs that we had got so far weren’t massively popular songs of that era that everyone would know and plus the fact that the 2000s is all about the cheesy pop songs and we had not got one, so I put forward the idea of doing Sunday Morning bt Maroon 5 which was a practical song for the band because it is played by a full band so everyone had a substantial part. i also asked Helen if ic could be possible if i sang the song because i love the song and i hadn’t really got a singing part this term. and she sai it was fine so we split the song so i would do the verses and she would do the pre-chorus and chorus. it worked out very well.

*sunday morning vid*

the aim foe the next rehearsal is to begin working on sunday morning.

over the next two rehearsals we had unfortunately had Helen missing due to medical problems which she was in hospital for. so we didn’t have a lead singer which wasnt easy for our band because the lead singer keeps our band together and in time plus we know where in the songs we are with the lead singer. so in the meantime while we were missing Helen we worked on sunday morning and the other songs to get them nailed. for the time being though in was covering for helen the best I could so it kept the band going. in the maroon 5 song we had changed one of the chords Dm7 to a Dadd9 which caused the chords to clash less and also we added a longer into so sam could do some subtle soloing. we had some problems during this period because with no singer we had no reference as to how loud or quiet we should have been and we gradually got too loud I think this may have mainly been because of on of the guitarist sam because he had a boost pedal and he had it set very high so when he pressed it ion it shut out everyone else. also we started working on another song bt the roots called the seed 2.0 which we got another member of our course to join in on because we thought hr might  be best at the rapping in the song because i tried and the timing of the rapping against the guitar part was proving difficult.

friday 31st march

in this session we had Helen back and she was feeling better which was good because we had been working the past couple of weekes with no lead singer which proved difficult. so in this rehearsal we chose our final song which we came to the conclusion should be underneath it all by no doubt which I was well up for because im a big no doubt fan but we had some reservations about the song as a band because we already had a reggae song and we were trying to get songs from different genres but we came to the conclusion that this song would be perfect for he band after listening to it properly because of all the different parts and the fact that we could get Karla (our tutor, who is an amazing musition!) also it gave our keys player that we had borrowed from first year a chance to have a interesting part that he could play and get an interesting sound from the Roland key board.

*underneath vid*

afer we had a dicution about our final song we carried on with the other songs in the set mainly the roots song because it needed the most work out of the sings that we had chosen.

tuesday 4th april

todsy inour rehursal we started to play Underneath it all which i was suprissed on how well it actually went becayse everyone knew what they were doing and knew tthe parts. we also had Karla which made the rehearsal that much better because the song just sounded do much fuller and it added a whole new texture to the song and to the band that we had not had before. we had a problem at the start of the rehearsal between two members of the band where they had a disagreement but we swiftly moved past it so that it didn’t interrupt the rehearsal so we didn’t get our full session. I was impressed with everyone in the band on how well everyone knew their parts and the sound that they wanted Julian particular was on it I think this may have been because he enjoyed playing the song and also that he had put a lot of work in with Karla outside of the rehearsals. I was also happy with the sound I was producing because I had found a really nice tone from my guitar that was really clean but snappy which was perfect for the type of guitar than I was doing.

Friday 7th april

today was the day of our 3rd show and tell and i was feeling even more cinfident about the sings that the previous one because i felt we had more rehursal time the onlt thing i was worried about was the rots sonbg because there are many different contrasiting oarts ijnthe song that needed to be exicuted correct or the song would not sound in any way shape of form cirrect.

throughout the show and tekl there were a few issueswith feed back from the microphones and when we were on the stage it seamed to become a neverending problem because it kept coming back as soon as it seamed to get sorted out. a few points during the performan=ce of Sunday morening me and helen both had our mics turned off for a couple of seconds.

over all though i think every band did an amazing job and these gigs are gonna be two of, the best we have done.

the aim for the easter holidays is to keep working on all the sings at home and get our oarts drilled into our heads, mainly the rots and underneath it all because they ar eour two new songs rhat needed the most work.

over the holidays the markiting team had sorted the posters for both the gigs and we had been shown them and they were very impressive and eye catcging. bellow is a picture of the lancaster apothecary gig poster, which personally i prefered.


tuesday 25th april

seen as though the first gig in the box was cloising in on us fast we dicedie in the rehursal that we soukld work out what the setlist shoukld be and the order of what soings we were gonna play and also which song we wernt going to play and which we woukd swap for the second gig. the set list we came to for the box gig was;

  1. starlight
  2. you know im no good
  3. crying lightning
  4. sunday morning
  5. underneath it all

seen as though we had agreed on the set list we continued the rehearsal x as usual and we started with underneath it all seen as though it was the newest sing and karla had already d=se t up he pecuttion. as the rehursal went on we were starting to look more o0n the finer details of the songs for example w got jess and kerry to come into the rehursal finally and play you know in no good with us properly and it sounded like they had been with us the wj=hole time and it gave the soing that thiung int needed to give it that authentic feel. 

Thursday 27th April

in today’s rehearsal, we got the chance to run through the whole set from start to finn\ish which I think gave the band a massive confidence boost because we can now get through the set with no problems. at the start of the rehearsal, we had some little disagreements but we moved quickly past it

MMP Job Role Proposal.

In this essay, I will be looking into the various job roles within the Live Music Industry and going into detail, discussing the responsibilities and obligations that will take place within the specific job roles.


Transport and Lighting Engineers (Roadies).

Roadies are a team of engineers that go on tour with a band or and artist. Their job role is a crucial part of the whole touring experience because they set up all the concert production so without them there would be no equipment set up or even a stage for the band/artist to perform on, there would be no concert. there are many other roles that are included in the roadies category including:

  • tour managers
  • stage managers
  • front of house and monitor engineers
  • lighting directors
  • lighting designers
  • lighting techs
  • instrument techs
  • pyrotechnicians
  • security/bodyguards
  • truck drivers
  • merchandise crew
  • caterers

All of these roles are equally as important as one another and they all need to work as one smooth unit so the tour goes along as planned without as many things as possible going wrong. If these roles were not tackled properly then it could have a big impact on the tour or possibly threaten the safety of the audience or the artist/band.

Song Writers.

Songwriters are responsible for creating musical tracks that can be used in a variety if ways including:

  • advertising
  • television
  • film
  • video games
  • plays
  • operas
  • ballets
  • recording artists

Songwriters in the recording industry, are artists for hire who work with producers and record labels to write material for a particular singer, rapper, or band. A single songwriter may work with an artist on a full album, or songs may be collected from a number of different writers to fill an album. A lot of songwriters are favoured and are contracted to write for artists signed to the same company. there are two ways that songwriters can make their money and that is to sell a previously written composition for an artist to record. The second is to be hired to work with an artist to write original material.

Tour Manager.

A tour managers job is to deal with the promoters and the venue managers and also to ensure that the tour goes well for everyone involved and also that it runs smoothly for the artist/band that are performing every other night. also, a tour manager is responsible for making sure that the band and crew get to the venues and hotels safely. Tour managers, like the roadies, also work with everyone that is part of the touring process for example instrument techs and stage managers. this is to ensure that they all are doing their job right so the concerts go as planned.

Typically a tour manager’s day starts off by them planning for future shows, for example, getting in in contact with the venues to arrange load-in, sound check, walkthrough and set times for when the audience started to come into the last person out. Also, the tour manager will work with a representative from the venue to confirm details like the merchandise sales, the venue’s cut and the rider. The rider is a list that the artist/band and crew contract and outline their requirements for the show this could be anything everything from the number of towels in the dressing room to a bowl of brown M&M’s.

The tour manager also handles promotional performances and appearances on TV. Cooperating with the artist’s management and label, the tour manager will get in touch with local radio stations and promoters to publicise the tour ahead and the show dates. All travel and transportation logistics and finances are the concern of the tour manager

The tour manager and roadies ultimately have the same job apart from the main fact that the roadies do all the heavy lifting and the tour manager gets in contact with all the venues that the artist/band plays in. They also work with a lot of the same team members and both hold a major responsibility in the touring process.


The FOH is the ones responsible for the sound that the audience hears during a live performance. The FOHs main concern is to get the best sound quality out of the venue that the artist/band is playing in. to achieve this the FOH has to get a perfect blend of instruments and vocals to make sure they get the best sound they can from the musicians. The engineers behind the desk is essentially a member of the band and just as important to the audience as the band members that the audience sees. Without the proper mix from the soundboard, the work of the musicians on stage is wasted.

FOH engineer collaborates closely with the artists to determine the sound the band wants for their performance. Constant communication and feedback must be maintained to continue to perfect the show. the FOH leads the audio crew through the tour and they must be an effective and confident leader who knows every inch of your gear and can delegate responsibility. also, FOH spends many hours maintaining and fixing gear, as conditions on the road are rough on delicate electronics.

In a touring environment, the FOH engineer is in charge of all audio equipment and supervises a crew of technicians through unloading the trucks, sound check, performance, and loading the trucks back up. they are considered the head audio, overseeing the monitor engineer, microphone techs, instrument techs, and assistants. also, they are responsible for the band and tour manager for the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of all audio gear. In the absence of an audio designer, it will be the job of the FOH engineer to design the placement of speakers, amps, and microphones and to specify the brands and models of equipment.

During a performance, the FOH engineer is located in front of the stage, usually in the middle of the audience. an FOHs job while the artist/band is performing is to the adjust the gain and dynamics of incoming audio. Each is manipulated independently through the desk, controlling the output of each vocalist and instrument to the audience speaker. As long as the band is playing, the FOH engineer is working.

My Job Role.

My job role for our next two gigs is to be a roadie. my responsibilities will be to set up the equipment for the FOH and the artist/band so that the show can actually happen and also be there whenever needed to help and also to ensure that there will be no health and safety risks so no one gets hurt. I will also be there to take all the equipment down after the gig has been wrapped up.

personal statement

My interest in music was well established at a young age because I grew up listening to Elvis Presley and Shania Twain, who I think are two of the most amazing musicians ever. I started having saxophone and keyboard/piano lessons when I started primary school, not long after I participated in the school choir which I enjoyed thoroughly. Since then I have taken lessons on guitar in secondary school but I mostly taught myself because I was in my secondary school’s jazz band and that lesson was to learn the songs for the band. Since the beginning of secondary school, when I was introduced to the concepts of musical history and everything that comes along with the music industry, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the subject and thirst to further my education of these aspects of music. Having had experience of assisting my secondary school with their summer and winter concerts by helping to organise and sort sets out etc. I have had an interest in furthering my knowledge in this area of music too. My work experience placement at Blue jam Arts, which involved helping and advising younger people in their playing in after school clubs and also visiting younger children in primary schools and setting up workshops for then to dive into.

Being elected as a prefect at school as well as taking part in the leadership of concerts and gigs has given me the opportunity to develop skills in leadership and organisation working with a variety of age groups. My confidence as a public performer has been massively strengthened by my role in the jazz band, and playing various gigs, plug ‘n’ plays and busking out on the streets.

Throughout my seven years at Appleby Grammar School, I have taken part in many extra-curricular activities including the cricket team, hockey team, and the jazz band. Being a member of the school jazz band and playing in the season concerts has given me many other gig opportunities such as playing for other schools concerts and also being asked to play at the well-known festival called Kendal Calling which was a massive opportunity.

since I have started Kendal College I feel like all the other students and the amazing tutors have pushed my skills as a performer and a musician and have pushed me to become a better player and person. Kendal has taught me to be a lot more hand on and has taught me to be a more organised person with my college life and also my personal life. I have learnt a lot more about the technology side of music as well at the business and practical side by using different kinds of recording software, mics and amps also mixing desks to which I have also used outside of college for recording my own EP with all original songs, which I have found useful for when I go gigging so I can sell my own music and get my name out as much as possible.

I am a keen student who is looking forward to the challenges brought by higher education and University life. Having enjoyed participating in a wide range of activities during my time at school and I look forward to continuing these types of activities at University, where I can pursue more of my musical ambitions and get a greater knowledge of the music industry as well as taking an active role in wider academic life.

Seven Deadly Sins Evaluation.

Over this past term we had been working in bands for our “Seven Deadly Sins” themed gig which was on the 7th December. I had been put in two bands this term, Pride and Greed but I have 9nly been writing about the Greed band because I felt like a had more to talk about.

The songs that we chose were;

“Glitter and Gold” by Rebecca Ferguson.

“Money” by Barrett Strong.

“Diggin’ for Gold” which was our original composition.

“I Want It All” by Queen.

We also got asked to end the night with a Christmas song which we also got to choose which was “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues. as the gig grew closer Igot more excited to play, I was a bit nervous because 9f the last song which I didn’t feel I had the confidence to do but I had amazing people in the band that encouraged me loads and I overcame the nervousness. overall I felt like we were ready for the gig because out rehursals went so well and we all worked well in a band.
One think about the gig and the sound I would have liked to improve was how much of ourselves (the singers) could hear of what we were singing in the monitors because the rest of the band were loud and it sort of drowns out what was being played through the monitors.

Also I would have liked to improve the sound of the vocalist from the audience aide of the stage because again the vocal levels were being drowned out by the band simply because they were loud. personally I think I could have improved some of my pitching throughout the night because I felt like I was put some times. overall the sound being put out was amazing one of the best sounds we have hit out of the gigs that was due to a great sound engineer but also the fact that everyone knee the sound they wanted to get out of the amps and their kit for example George and Nye with their pedal boards. they had everything set right so nothing was too loud when they changed the pedal or anything. 
Some of our main weaknesses were a few tempo issues in a couple of our songs for example in “I Want It All” the tempo did lag a bit 8n the start lucky it wasn’t so noticeable to the audience but to the band playing who have been rehursing for hours knew when something wasn’t quite right, again an example of this would be in our own composition “Diggin’ For Gold” we missed a whole verse out unfortunately due to our bassist, who had never played the song wrong one since we started, accidentally went straight to the chorus instead of the second verse. he should have really switched back to sync back in with the rest of the band but the band changed for him which wasnt a problem apart from the singers wondering what had happened but cara had heard where we were and gave me a look as if to say we’re in the chorus and I quickly found my way back to the right harmonies.
A strength we had was we kept our heads in the zone and payed attention to the finer details of the songs and kept our dynamics and texture tight when it could have just as easily been lost with the adrenaline of the gig and just wanting a reaction from the crowd. I think alot of the bands managed to do the same for example the wrath band had some heavy songs but it wasn’t just all mud you could hear everything going on especially in their composition.

Our final song we played, which was added only a couple of rehursals before the gig, I think went really well for how long we had to learn the song and get it absolutely right. the crown really got into the song which made the song even better because when you get a good reaction you feel good about what you’re doing which I think helped me when I was singing the 2 intro verses because I had been asked by the tut to sing it a higher register instead of lower because it would compliment the song better. previously to the gig I hadn’t sang it Properly into a mic with the whole band because my confidence levels were on the floor because I didn’t think I could do it but I did in the gig and I had amazing support by my band and they encouraged me and that helped massively. I think the sound overall for this song was great and the textures and tempo wasn’t lost at all going into the fast verses, I also think that song sounded so much better because the guitarist used acoustic guitars instead of electric and our saxophonist also switched her instrument tother violin and it just made the song.

Throughout the whole set our biggest mistake was when we missed a verse because our bassist Eddie had a hiccup and played the wrong part in the wrong place but the whole band handled it very well and didn’t make a deal out of it we just carried on like nothing happens and reassured Eddie so he wouldn’t worry about it.

Overall I was very happy with the gig went and think our set was very successful and the audience looked like they were having a good time and sound like we’re too. I felt like I was confident going onto the stage because our rehearsals went so well and we had a really good strategy to tackle our songs so get the best sound. I enjoyed this band alot and the whole rehursal process I think this was because all of our personalitys fitted together and we are all creative so ideas bounced off eachother and we came out with some good stuff also we never fell out during the whole lead up to the gig which I think helped because all the rehursals went really well. I would happily work with the people in this band again.

Solo Logbook

For one of our assignments at college this term we have to learn and perform 3 different songs that we have picked with the guidance of the tutors.
There are 3 different categories that we have pick songs to fit, the categories are;

  • Technical
  • Expressive
  • Experimental

The purpose of the different categories is so that we challenge ourselves and push our skills and our playing abilities. For example, the technical song is a song that is challenging and complex and something that you wouldn’t normally play for me this would be a finger style song because I am mostly a rhythm guitarist and I do open mics and busk so I play a lot of strumming songs. The expressive piece is a song that creates a lot of emotion in the listeners and the player and shows a different side of someone and opens them up to make them vulnerable to the audience which isn’t an easy thing to do. This song doesn’t necessarily have to be complex it can be just a simple song but played perfectly with feel. Finally, the experimental song is something completely out of your comfort zone or something completely different to the songs you would typically learn like for example a different genre.

The 3 songs that I have chosen are;


  • Black Flies – Ben Howard


  • Deep The Water – Lewis Watson

I have also put the acoustic version up too below.


  • Gone In The Morning – Newton Faulkner

The reason why I have changed 2 of my songs is that I felt that they weren’t fitting and they weren’t challenging enough because I knew the structure of the songs and knew how some of the songs were played so I changed them to 2 that I don’t know very well.

Before Christmas and over the holidays I had started doing warm ups on the guitar that I had never tried before because I never really thought about it and how much it could help. I am generally a rhythm guitarist and mostly just like to use block chords such as bar chords just because I find it easier and I’ve never really pushed myself out of my comfort zone like I have with the songs I have chosen for my recital.

Week 1: January 9th – 13th.

On the 9th of January, I took to the internet to find the tabs and tunings for the first song I was going to start learning which is Blackflies by Ben Howard. The pictures below show the tab that I have been going off which is an amazing app that I’ve been using for years called “ultimate guitar”.

I’ve spent this week like I said before, I’ve been learning blackflies. Each night I spent 2-3 hours sitting and listening to the song and reading the tab and playing along to it. At the beginning, I found the song and the style of fingerpicking quite difficult because it isn’t something I would generally do.

On Monday I spent 2-3 hours looking at the tab and making sure that I had the correct tuning and the capo was in the right place because if these things are not right it can cause some problems which I have run into. The problems I have encountered are that the gauge of my strings aren’t heavy enough because of the tuning that the song is in it causes fret buzz if the strings are too slack and this occurs when your strings are too light. Also, another problem I have come across is that my capo does not clamp tight enough on the strings so that is also causing the buzz on certain strings.

One thing that I am struggling with most ith this song is the timing and where the vocal comes in and how ben phrases the verses. This is my goal for next week.

Week 2: January 16th – 20th.

This week overall I think that I have spent around 5 hours practising my songs for the solo recital.

I carried on learning Blackflies by Ben Howard at the beginning of the week so I could get the timing of where the vocal comes in at the start right because I have been having some trouble with coming in because it is in odd timing. To also help with this I have been playing along to a live session of Ben Howard himself playing the song so I can get the right tempo.

The part I’ve found hardest about this song is the hammer-on and pull-offs on the D string from 6th fret to 4th fret because it’s done quickly and because I’m not used to the style of playing so I am having to do a lot of warm-ups before I play just to get used to it.

Also this week I worked on the vocals for black flies. I found the first verse tricky because of the timing of the song I can never seem to come in the right time but then the rest of the song I have no problem.

Another song that I have started looking at in the song by Lewis Watson ‘Deep The Water’. This song is the one I have chosen for my expressive piece because it is about falling in love and it creates a lot of emotion just but the guitar parts played because it is in a different tuning of DADGAD nd it is all open chords that fit beautifully together.

I plan to carry on learning this song properly in week 5.

Week 3: January 23rd – 27th.

This week I haven’t practised as much as I would have liked to. The main things I worked on this week were the vocals for ‘Blackflies’ and making a start on the Lewis Watson song.


I made a good start on the lewis Watson song this week, I got the tuning figured out and the 1st verse plus chorus. I am mostly using the live version of the song to learn the song whilst looking at the tab I have, the tab is very useful for the phrasing of the lyrics because it puts the lyric over where it comes in.

My goal for next week is to look at my third song which is Gone In The Morning by Newton Faulkner and also get the blackflies lyrics down.

Week 4: January 30th – February 3rd.

This week I continued to work on the Ben Howard song and also the lewis Watson song but also I looked further into the newton Faulkner song.


One thing I think I may struggle with in this song is keeping to the style because it is fast and the placing of the notes is strange and some of the chords don’t sound right but they fit. I feel that this is the hardest song that I have chosen because of the fast pace and quick changing pattern of notes.

Week 5: February 6th – 10th.

I decided to swap my song ‘Colour Me In Gold’ by JP Cooper for ‘Deep The Water’ by Lewis Watson because I just didn’t feel like I could do the song any justice and I wasn’t really connecting with the song. The reason I chose the lewis Watson song is because it creates a lot more emotion and I connect deeply with the song. Also, I find it a lot more interesting to pay.

This is the tab for the song.

The song is in the tuning of DADGAD but I am going to get sone new heavier gauge strings because again I have had problems with the fret buzzing because the strings are too loose.

This video shows the tuning and how the song builds with dynamics and creates a lot of emotion. Furthermore, this song in difficult to what I would typically play but also there is a lot of technique in the vocal and making sure you’re in time with the parts being played and you have to create a lot of feel with your voice and make the audience feel what you are and make them believe what you’re playing.

The vocal in the verses can either be sung higher or lower so I am going to alternate between them by singing the first verse lower like on the track and the second higher when the dynamics have built up.

Week 6: February 13th – 17th.

This week I feel like I have a good knowledge of all my songs and feel confident enough to play in front of people to play in front of people which I have done. I played in front of my family and they gave me some things to work on for example to be more confident in what I’m playing and singing so it is more projected and clearer.
The things that I need to improve on are making sure all the notes and chords are played accurately and that I know all of my lyrics.

Week 7: February 20th – 24th.

This week in our half term holiday I went to Hull and did a couple of hours practice through the week and did some more warm-ups for both guitar and vocal. I also went busking and played my 3 pieces just to get more used to the fact of playing in front of lots more people even though I am comfortable with playing in front of people I wanted to see how them 3 songs.

The main thing I am struggling with on ‘Gone In The morning’ is where the strumming comes in and have to move continuously up and down the neck, with every time I am playing I get more used to playing this part.

Week 8: February 27th – march 3rd.

This week for my recital I am spending my time perfecting my songs and making sure they’re best they can be and figuring out what I am going to say between my songs to keep the performance perfection.

Setlist order:

  1. Deep The Water.
  2. Gone In The Morning.
  3. Black flies.

Overall I feel like everything has gone well and I am prepared for the performance next Tuesday.

‘Greed’ Band Logbook

Tuesday 20th September 2016

today we started practicing ‘Glitter & Gold’ by Rebecca Ferguson. I tought that todays rehearsal went really well because everyone knew there parts and everyone loved the song choice so that motivated everyone to learn the song and get it down. the sound of the band was great nobody was to loud or too quiet, because everyone was a wear of their own sound and tone and had the right sound they needed for the song.

during the rehearsal we listened to the song when we weren’t sure of what happened in the song or we weren’t sure of the structure of the track, while we were listening to the song Cara wrote the structure on the board in the booth so we could look back to it when we were unsure of the song.

with our song choices we have got 2 definite songs that we have collectively chosen as a band and these two songs are the Rebecca Ferguson song ‘Glitter & Gold’ and also ‘I Want It All’ by Queen. how we came to choose these songs was by sitting round a computer for the first couple of sessions and looking up song that could possibly be in our set list, we wrote down a few suggestions and decided on these two to start off with.

I contributed to the rehearsal by providing the track for everyone to listen to also helped with the structure of the song because I already had heard the song before.

my goals for the next rehearsal is to get the harmonies in singing on point and make sure they are tight with what Cara is singing.

Friday 23rd September 2016

in our rehearsal today we looked t a new song and also later on we looked into ‘glitter& Gold’ more in-depth.

we decided to look at a new song in our group chat that we created on Facebook, this enables up to talk about song choices and share ideas for what direction we want to take the band and if anyone had an idea they think might be useful for the band to make process then we can share it and everyone in the band can reply and have their opinion too. the new song that we decided to work on today that we had spoken about was one by The Beatles called Taxman. there were some mixed emotions about the song because not everyone liked the song well that version of the song because it is a very flat song in the sense that the vocal is extremely monotone and it doesn’t really go anywhere also the song in very much the same all the way through also the timing and phrasing of the lyrics was very strange and just didn’t seem to fit.

like the rehearsal before we listened to the song multiple times to figure out how it went and wrote the structure on the board so we all could look back at it.

after we went through taxman a couple of times we went back and worked on Glitter & Gold so we could get the song tighter and gig ready.

Tuesday 27 September 2016

today in our rehearsal we came to a conclusion as a group that trying to pick the right songs for greed was proving difficult and there were still mixed emotions about taxman. although there are many other versions of taxman we weren’t sure it was the right sung for our set and it didn’t quite fit with the sound that we were looking for. with this we decided to work on the more difficult songs first so then it gives up more time to work on them, these 2 songs would be I Want It All and our composition.

after we all agreed on this idea we started to look at the composition, we started the composition by throwing ideas back and forth and eventually choosing a key signature to write the song in and straight away george came up with some chords to start the ball rolling, not lang after Eddie had made a bass line and nye had started twiddling around over what george was playing.

my contribution to this session was helping Cara come up with the right melody line and helping with lyrics and phrasing of what she would be singing, while we were doing this and the band were playing I recorded the track on my phone so i could send it to the group chat later on, also so we could go back and listen to it in the next rehearsal so we wouldn’t forget it.

Friday 30th September 2016

Today we didn’t have a proper rehearsal because we had a show and tell where we had to perform one of the songs that we had ben working on and rehearsing the past couple of weeks.

we had an half an hour rehearsal in the morning before lunch so we could go over some final touches before we played it to the tutors and the rest of the class. what we did in this rehearsal was go over our song that we had chosen to perform which was Glitter & Gold by Rebecca Furgerson. i feel like the rehearsal went well because we always have a good way to practise the songs by doing it section by section and going through it thuraley and making sure we get it right every time.

Tuesday 4th October 2016

in todays rehearsal we worked on the composition because Nye and George were on a Uni open day. what we did was listen to some tracks that Eddie had been working on to find one we all thought would fit well for us and also fit in with the greed theme.

one of the tracks that we listen to cough on to us all and we knew as soon as we heard it that that was the one and we all loved it. so what we did was Eddie taught us what the parts were and showed me what the guitar did as i was just filling in while the two guitarists were away so we could jam it and get a feel for the song and get to know it a bit better for when the boys get back so we could show them the song.

Friday 7th October 2016

this week we have nye and George back thankfully! todays rehearsal concept of the rest of the band talking to George and nye and telling them what went on last rehearsal when we picked a composition, so we showed them the song and they worked out their parts. prier to the rehearsal e had mentioned about the composition on our Facebook group chat that we had to be able to discus out of college and plan for the next rehearsal so then had an idea of what had gone on in the session.

after nye and George had listened to the song a few times they had got their parts so we started on working out a structure by jamming and working out what would go best where and working on the dynamics to diffiranciate between choruses and verses, while we were on with this cara started writing lyrics once she got the right melody line.

for the next rehearsal we plan on starting on our third song which we decided on being i want it all by queen so the plan is to learn our parts at home then start next rehearsal.

Tuesday 11th October 2016

today in our rehearsal we started to look at the queen song that we decided to look at the week before.

when we got in the booth me and cara had the idea to go up to the venue and look at the vocal parts and the harmonies so we could get them right without the band being loud over the track so we could hear all the parts in the song properly  and so we could listen to what the harmonies where doing. also this gave the band time to go through the song and work out their parts section by section while we weren’t there.

when me and cara went to the venue i took my guitar so i could play the chords while we sang the parts and also work out the right harmonies, we also took my phone so we could play the original song to go off for the vocals and also a vocals only track.

after a while of going through the vocals and the song we went back down to the booth to try the song with the band and to see how far they had gotten with what they were gonna work on.

for the next rehearsal we agreed on working on the second verse because we said that were gonna do a verse a week to make the song easier to learn.

Friday 14th October 2016

this rehearsal we continued to work on the queen song as a full band and we went through the song section by section slowly and kept going over the parts that weren’t quite right or the parts we weren’t quite sure on also so we could get the structure bang on. because ut is such a big song and so powerful and well known we had to put a lot of work into it which is why we are taking so much care on it making sure every part we do is correct and that we have that part right before me move on to the next.

we also went through glitter and gold to refresh our minds of the song and see if there was anything we could improve on the song for example dynamics and levels. the first time we went through it it was a bit sloppy so we went through it a couple of times and worked on what needed working on and also making sure all the stops ect were on point and all the band knew where to stop and where to come bach in too.

for the following session we are going to work on the composition an the queen song.

i hope to have gotten the harmonies and the phrasing right for the queen song in the next rehearsal.

Tuesday 18th October 2016

in out session today we started off by working on out composition, the band played through the song and cara carried on writing lyrics that she started laSt rehearsal. while she was singing along with the band I was listening to where I would put harmonies and working out what the harmonies where.

We spent half the rehursal on the composition and the other half we continued to work on the Queen song. we started looking at the 2nd verse, this verse took a little longer thank the other verse because it has a different strumming patten and the phrasing is different too on the verse so it took a little longer to work it out.

In the rehursal we had worked on everything that we said we wanted to work on and we had got further than we thought we would.

Friday 21st October 2016

In this rehursal we started off doingour composition again working more on the dynamics and how we could make the song the best we could and make it sound massive. to Finnish the rehursal we worked on the 3Rd verse of I want it all. after we had finished our composition we moved on to the queen song and we got through the 3Rd verse and also we worked on the into too.

Seen as though we had worked through all the sections of the song we went from the beginning and played through the song for the 1St time and it sounded pretty good but still has a lot of work to be done on it.

To end the rehursal we played glitter and gold to keep it fresh in our minds.

For the next rehursal we had decided to get the queen song down and get all the sections finished properly.

Friday 4th November 2016

Last Friday we had a show and tell where we played the 2 songs that we had been working on over the past couple of weeks to be able show our progress in our bands.

Over all we got given good criticism not all of it was good but we knew what we needed to work on so we knew what to do in our next rehursal.

So in this session a we worked more on I want it all because that was the one the tutors gave the mostly bad comments on so we worked on what they said to correct the wrongs. one of the things we needed to work on for example was the ending because we hadn’t really got one because we hadn’t looked at it Properly a so that’s what we mostly looked at begin work on our song we went over the track from the beginning and worked through the song section by section until we got to the ending where it needed more focus, we needed to get it so it is a smooth transition from one part to the next which is actually what we need to do with the whole of this song because it is were weird and scattered round much like many queen songs there’s alot going on.

Later on in the session we worked on the second song we played which was the composition, we went back on what the tutors said we could look at and improve.

My goal for the next rehursal:

-To work on my harmonies by listening to the original track of the vocals only track and make sure they are right.

Friday 8th November 2016

In this rehursal we carried on with working other 2 songs we played another show and tell to perfect then even further.

We started by working on I want it all again and looking at the dynamics between verses and chourses and also the double time middle 8 that we needed a nice smooth transition into. what we realised we went doing was playing less in the verses and quieter which we finally did and then when the chorus came in it sounded massive and so much better! the accapella into needed alot of work too which we seamed to pick up pretty quick.with all of the band singing the into too it sounded even better.

The other so g we carried on with was the original we wrote which to be honest was really good it justice thatlittle bit of tightening up..

In put next rehursal weave decided to work on the rework.

Friday 28th November 2016

Today in our rehursal we focused on our radical Rework whixh we had decided to be money by the flying lizard.

Prayer to our rehursal we had even through the song a couple of times to try and get the right feel for the song and the right kind of genre to fit with our other songs we have. when had listed to alot of different covers that different artists had done and we landed one one by a guy called Barrett Strong, we liked this cover the best because it was swung and it had alot more depth to it than the original song. we started of by listening to that version to try and get an idea of what we were gonna do and we decoded that we would make it more bluesy and add some solos in to the mix for example a sax solo and we also half timed it so it was slower and had a better feel to it.

One of the hardest things in this song is the lyrics and the phrasing because the original is very monotone as if they where just talking instead of singing so we had to work out how we were gonna do that and we did.

Another end of the rehursal we said that this is the song that we needed to work on alot in the next rehursal.

Tuesday 1st December 2016

We only have a few rehursal left so every bit of rehursal time we have is crucial.

So in this session we are mainly looking at money and the 2 that need the most work which is I want it all and the composition.  when we were running through the queen song one of the tutors came in and had a listen after we had gone through the song he commented on the harmonies in the opening intro and that they weren’t quite right, so he showed us what we should doing and he helped alot because it sounded so much tighter.

We talked about the next rehursal because it will be an all day one so we needed to split the time Wisley see we were gonna go through the set list.

The aim for our next rehursal is to have money gig ready and finished.

Thursday 2nd December 2016

Today we have an all day rehursal become gig is in a few days.

The first thing we did when we got in the booth is write what was gonna happen in the rehursal on the white boards we wrote the set list and which songs we were gonna do in this rehursal. we also wrote down what we needed to work on after we had finished the song so we could go back and fix it.

Set list order:

Glitter and gold – Rebecca furgeson

Money – radical rework

Diggin’ for gold – original

I want it all – queen

So the first song we ran through was glitter and gold which we hadn’t been through in a while so we expected to have a couple of slip ups and we did so we just wrote it on the board and came back to it.after a few time of running through and refreshing our minds it sounded really good and tight, one thing we worked on was the dynamics to make sure everyone wasn’t to loud in the verses and playing over the singer.

Money was the song we needed to do the most work on,so we started by just playing the song through and it actually sounded really good and everyone was pleased with it the one thing we needed to look at was the ended where we didn’t quite know what we was gonna do buy after going over it it came together.


So in the second half of the rehursal we worked on the composition and I want it all.

The composition actually didn’t need much work we just needed to go through it and make sure it was all good and ready. we quickly moved on to the queen song and we staterd off with the accapella intro which we had been shown it took a couple of minutes to get our noyes again but we found them pretty quickly.

We again worked on the dynamics of the song and the transitions between sections. as we near the end of the rehursal we started thinking about what we were going to wear for the gig and what the lighting was gonna be like.

What we came up with is that we are all going to wear suits ties and black trousers but we were each gonna wear a different colours tie. also we came up with the idea to throw confettie out on our last song to give it a even bigger set.

Monday 5th December 2016

So for the gig our band has been asked to play a Christmas song to finish the night with.

So we have chosen to do Fairytale of New York. we starter working on this last friday but we didn’t get too far so we decided on our group chat that we would cone in today and get on with it.

Before lunch we went into a booth and went over the song section by section and it all went into place because everyone knew their parts.

Me and cara worked out the harmonies and who was singing which sections and over all it went well.


a PA system has many different components such as the desk, the multicore , the amps, crossovers and the speakers.
At college we have  a Midas digital desk, a multicore and a Bi-amp/ tri-amp active speaker system with passive monitors.
The speakers we have use passive crossovers which means they are built in to the speakers and the crossovers decide which frequencies come out of each speaker by assigning the fequencies to a speaker.
Active crossovers are different because they assign signals to separate amps before sending the correct frequencies to the speakers.
this is a diagram of the different crossovers:
Our college speakers use a trim-amp system which is where there are three different speakers such as the Subwoofer, the mid-range speaker and the tweater.
The speakers are active which means the amp and crossovers are built into the speaker cabinet so they dont require an external amp and crossover.
As ours are active they amplify the sound created by the artist on stage.
this is a diagram which shows the system like ours at college:
The monitors that are at college are 8Ohms, Ohms means the measure of resistance in the monitor, so this means that the higher Ohms the slower the electricity flows through the system whereas lower Ohms the quicker the electricity is flowing.
at college you can wire up 2 monitors on each side of the stage which means your resistance will be lowered to 4Ohms which is the lowest resistance the amps can take comfortably, if you try and go any lower with the resistance then you will struggle with the monitors because it will cause then to over heat or even set on fire. monitors are used in a PA system because they are useful for the artists and also the sound eginers to make sure they are loud enough so the artist can hear themselves.
this is how our monitors are wired:
in the venue at college we use a digital MIDAS sound desk that hase 32 channels. with 32 channels the desk aloes us to be able to input many different sounds into the desk at a time with this it also has 16 output channels. The input channels are selected individually and the gain structure is then set. Once the gain structure is set then the mix can be set with each channel at the correct volume. Our desk has 16 “switchable” channels, this means you can only view channels 1-16 or 17-32 at any given time but you switch between them using buttons to select which channels to view. This means if you have 32 channels in use then you must set a rough mix for the first 16 channels then the second 16 channels separately. A mixing desk is a critical piece of equipment in a PA setup as it gets the right mix between all the instruments to make sure all the instruments and singers can be heard and are heard at the correct level.
Below is a picture of the type of desk we have at college:


The 16 output channels  on the left can be used to send audio signals back to the stage via “tie lines”. Tie lines are some of the cables inside the “multi-core” which we have. The multi-core is basically lots of XLR cables in one bunch and sealed inside a rubber coating. At one end of the multi-core is an XLR interface with input channels; this is where the microphones picking up the signal from the source are plugged into. The multi-core then carries the signal from the input box to the mixing desk. The desk is used to mix the incoming signals and can then send the signals back via the tie lines. Which tie line you use determines which output channel the signal will go to on the interface. This image shows either end of the multi-core. The tie lines are in red, the same as ours at college, which carry the output signals back to the stage from the mixing desk. The other XLRs carry the input signals from the stage to the desk:


The Multi-core is really important at college because it means that we don’t have to trail lots of XLR leads from the stage to the back of the room where the desk is. This would be a health and safety risk as well as an inconvenience. The Multi-core means allows us to have all the XLRs safely wrapped in a rubber coating which we can easily lie down the side of the room and to the desk without too much hassle or danger.