MSFMI Assignment 2

For our sound of the moving image project, we had to choose a clip approximately 2 minutes long that would be challenging enough for us for us to recreate the Foley effects for.bthis meant that we could choose anything from a movie clip to a video game to a TV advertisement. I decided that I would choose the video of the Space Shuttle Discovery launch, I chose this because it gave me a chance to recreate some cool effects, for example, the dialogue in the first half of the video.

  • the video below shows the clip that I have chosen.

The first thing I did was found the right video for me to recreate after I did this I emailed the clip to our tutor so that he could put the video onto a studio one file and also take the sound out so we could start straight away. I started off the process by bringing the video up on youtube and creating a storyboard soi could write down all the different sounds and effects that I needed and where about in the clip I would need them.

After I had compleated all this I took to the internet to find out the best way to make the sounds that i needed. Furthermore, we were allowed to use the sounds and effects from the MIDI keyboards at college as well our own recordings. Personally, i found this very useful because of itment that any sound that was particularly hard could be done using MIDI.
One sound I found hard on the clip was the helicopter because it is such a specific sound and it is hard to try and replicate so to get this I used a foley sound from the internet that I found and it worked pretty well, to be honest.

One foley sound I enjoyed most was the dialogue in the first half of the video when they are preparing for launch because it was fun to try out all of the different effects and trying to make it sound as dirty as possible as it sounds very distorted on the clip as it comes trough the tabloids.

Another factor about this clip that I loved was the that there was no music in the video so it gave me a free rein over what kind of music I wanted to put on the clip and also where I wanted to put it also the feel I wanted to create with the clip. I decided that I would fade in the music a couple of seconds before the launch faded out so it gave an ambient feel. The kind of feel I originally wanted was a space kind of sound and something that was very chilled. Below is a video I found of what my thoughts on the kind of music I wanted were.

After a couple of lessons of playing around with the MIDI keyboard, I came to the conclusion that I just wanted a simple yet pretty piano riff to finish off the video nicely. to achieve this I asked on of my good friends if he could play something that would fit the description that I gave him and he did, so to record this I simply used my Sony Xperia to record the piano. When I get the sound on studio one I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the recording on my phone microphone and I was pleased with the turnout.

When I had put all my sounds on studio one that’s when I started playing about with all of the smaller details, for example, fading sounds in and out so that they were and all there in your face at the same time also cutting the parts that I didn’t need out so it wall went smoothly.

The final touch ups I did on my video was making sure everything sounded right and were in the right place and time with the video. after I had done all this and checked my video I had to do export al my files so that my tutor could take them all easily so she was messing around finding each clip.

  • below is a picture of the process we had to do to export our files.

Overall I think that I have done and the alright job with this project and I have learnt that my phone has a great quality mic on it.
One thing I would have done differently was that I would have spread my tie wisely and spent more time on the dialogue to get it sounding perfect also I would have taken more time on sorting the dialogue out which I’m not happy about because without the dialogue the video sounds empty and sounds like its missing something. The reason I couldn’t get the dialogue on was simply because it wouldn’t do it and I don’t know why but I intend to find out why.


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