personal statement

My interest in music was well established at a young age because I grew up listening to Elvis Presley and Shania Twain, who I think are two of the most amazing musicians ever. I started having saxophone and keyboard/piano lessons when I started primary school, not long after I participated in the school choir which I enjoyed thoroughly. Since then I have taken lessons on guitar in secondary school but I mostly taught myself because I was in my secondary school’s jazz band and that lesson was to learn the songs for the band. Since the beginning of secondary school, when I was introduced to the concepts of musical history and everything that comes along with the music industry, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the subject and thirst to further my education of these aspects of music. Having had experience of assisting my secondary school with their summer and winter concerts by helping to organise and sort sets out etc. I have had an interest in furthering my knowledge in this area of music too. My work experience placement at Blue jam Arts, which involved helping and advising younger people in their playing in after school clubs and also visiting younger children in primary schools and setting up workshops for then to dive into.

Being elected as a prefect at school as well as taking part in the leadership of concerts and gigs has given me the opportunity to develop skills in leadership and organisation working with a variety of age groups. My confidence as a public performer has been massively strengthened by my role in the jazz band, and playing various gigs, plug ‘n’ plays and busking out on the streets.

Throughout my seven years at Appleby Grammar School, I have taken part in many extra-curricular activities including the cricket team, hockey team, and the jazz band. Being a member of the school jazz band and playing in the season concerts has given me many other gig opportunities such as playing for other schools concerts and also being asked to play at the well-known festival called Kendal Calling which was a massive opportunity.

since I have started Kendal College I feel like all the other students and the amazing tutors have pushed my skills as a performer and a musician and have pushed me to become a better player and person. Kendal has taught me to be a lot more hand on and has taught me to be a more organised person with my college life and also my personal life. I have learnt a lot more about the technology side of music as well at the business and practical side by using different kinds of recording software, mics and amps also mixing desks to which I have also used outside of college for recording my own EP with all original songs, which I have found useful for when I go gigging so I can sell my own music and get my name out as much as possible.

I am a keen student who is looking forward to the challenges brought by higher education and University life. Having enjoyed participating in a wide range of activities during my time at school and I look forward to continuing these types of activities at University, where I can pursue more of my musical ambitions and get a greater knowledge of the music industry as well as taking an active role in wider academic life.


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