MMP Job Role Proposal.

In this essay, I will be looking into the various job roles within the Live Music Industry and going into detail, discussing the responsibilities and obligations that will take place within the specific job roles.


Transport and Lighting Engineers (Roadies).

Roadies are a team of engineers that go on tour with a band or and artist. Their job role is a crucial part of the whole touring experience because they set up all the concert production so without them there would be no equipment set up or even a stage for the band/artist to perform on, there would be no concert. there are many other roles that are included in the roadies category including:

  • tour managers
  • stage managers
  • front of house and monitor engineers
  • lighting directors
  • lighting designers
  • lighting techs
  • instrument techs
  • pyrotechnicians
  • security/bodyguards
  • truck drivers
  • merchandise crew
  • caterers

All of these roles are equally as important as one another and they all need to work as one smooth unit so the tour goes along as planned without as many things as possible going wrong. If these roles were not tackled properly then it could have a big impact on the tour or possibly threaten the safety of the audience or the artist/band.

Song Writers.

Songwriters are responsible for creating musical tracks that can be used in a variety if ways including:

  • advertising
  • television
  • film
  • video games
  • plays
  • operas
  • ballets
  • recording artists

Songwriters in the recording industry, are artists for hire who work with producers and record labels to write material for a particular singer, rapper, or band. A single songwriter may work with an artist on a full album, or songs may be collected from a number of different writers to fill an album. A lot of songwriters are favoured and are contracted to write for artists signed to the same company. there are two ways that songwriters can make their money and that is to sell a previously written composition for an artist to record. The second is to be hired to work with an artist to write original material.

Tour Manager.

A tour managers job is to deal with the promoters and the venue managers and also to ensure that the tour goes well for everyone involved and also that it runs smoothly for the artist/band that are performing every other night. also, a tour manager is responsible for making sure that the band and crew get to the venues and hotels safely. Tour managers, like the roadies, also work with everyone that is part of the touring process for example instrument techs and stage managers. this is to ensure that they all are doing their job right so the concerts go as planned.

Typically a tour manager’s day starts off by them planning for future shows, for example, getting in in contact with the venues to arrange load-in, sound check, walkthrough and set times for when the audience started to come into the last person out. Also, the tour manager will work with a representative from the venue to confirm details like the merchandise sales, the venue’s cut and the rider. The rider is a list that the artist/band and crew contract and outline their requirements for the show this could be anything everything from the number of towels in the dressing room to a bowl of brown M&M’s.

The tour manager also handles promotional performances and appearances on TV. Cooperating with the artist’s management and label, the tour manager will get in touch with local radio stations and promoters to publicise the tour ahead and the show dates. All travel and transportation logistics and finances are the concern of the tour manager

The tour manager and roadies ultimately have the same job apart from the main fact that the roadies do all the heavy lifting and the tour manager gets in contact with all the venues that the artist/band plays in. They also work with a lot of the same team members and both hold a major responsibility in the touring process.


The FOH is the ones responsible for the sound that the audience hears during a live performance. The FOHs main concern is to get the best sound quality out of the venue that the artist/band is playing in. to achieve this the FOH has to get a perfect blend of instruments and vocals to make sure they get the best sound they can from the musicians. The engineers behind the desk is essentially a member of the band and just as important to the audience as the band members that the audience sees. Without the proper mix from the soundboard, the work of the musicians on stage is wasted.

FOH engineer collaborates closely with the artists to determine the sound the band wants for their performance. Constant communication and feedback must be maintained to continue to perfect the show. the FOH leads the audio crew through the tour and they must be an effective and confident leader who knows every inch of your gear and can delegate responsibility. also, FOH spends many hours maintaining and fixing gear, as conditions on the road are rough on delicate electronics.

In a touring environment, the FOH engineer is in charge of all audio equipment and supervises a crew of technicians through unloading the trucks, sound check, performance, and loading the trucks back up. they are considered the head audio, overseeing the monitor engineer, microphone techs, instrument techs, and assistants. also, they are responsible for the band and tour manager for the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of all audio gear. In the absence of an audio designer, it will be the job of the FOH engineer to design the placement of speakers, amps, and microphones and to specify the brands and models of equipment.

During a performance, the FOH engineer is located in front of the stage, usually in the middle of the audience. an FOHs job while the artist/band is performing is to the adjust the gain and dynamics of incoming audio. Each is manipulated independently through the desk, controlling the output of each vocalist and instrument to the audience speaker. As long as the band is playing, the FOH engineer is working.

My Job Role.

My job role for our next two gigs is to be a roadie. my responsibilities will be to set up the equipment for the FOH and the artist/band so that the show can actually happen and also be there whenever needed to help and also to ensure that there will be no health and safety risks so no one gets hurt. I will also be there to take all the equipment down after the gig has been wrapped up.


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