MMP Band & Job Role Logbook.

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For this terms logbook, I have decided to do one of the bands I’m in and I have chosen to do the 2000’s because I am focusing more on my guitar skills and trying new things not just in try that but maybe a little bit of lead. also a lot of people I this band I have hardly worked with throughout college or I haven’t worked with them at all.

band members:

  • Helen brown – lead vocalist
  • me – guitar + backing vocals
  • sam mason – guitar
  • Edgar – bass
  • Julian – drums
  • Charlie (first year) – keys 

#1: Tuesday 9th January.

today for our first rehearsal we went to a booth and sat around and talked about our ideas for the band and because we’re doing two different gigs what kind of thing we would do. everyone suggested a lot of songs and this proved difficult to narrow it down to a number of songs that we needed.

#2: Friday 13th January.

unfortunately, I wasn’t in able to make it into college today so I missed our rehearsal.

on our Facebook group chats I got the info for the session and what the band did so I was up to speed on what had happened. in the rehearsal the band made a start on our first song that we had decided on which is You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse, they said that the rehearsal went really well and they got through most of the song.

#3: Tuesday 16th January.

today in our rehearsal we carried on with the Amy Winehouse song. I and Sam worked on our guitar parts to get them the best we could so we were clashing or playing the same thing, I also used my fender drive pedal to help with this to get a different tone and the closest to the recording I could.

also because I am doing backing vocals I and Helen worked on the harmonies in the choruses and who would do which part.

to make the sound have even more texture we needed to add the brass parts by which we had decided to add for the next rehearsal. 

#4: Friday 20th January.

Today Helen wasn’t in the rehearsal so it gave us a chance t work on the structure of the song and also it gave us a chance to break the song down and work on the different stops and breaks also it gave us a chance to work on the dynamics.

#5: Tuesday 24th January.

§in our rehearsal today we focused more on the finer details of you know I’m no good because in our meeting before this rehearsal we found out that we had a show and tell on Friday for the song that we had started learning.

so with this in mind we focused on the smaller things that make a bug difference like the breaks and parts where different instruments drop out for example after the choruses where everyone dropped out and there’s a sax riff, so to make it even better we had Kerry and jess who are playing sax for us came in today and spent most of the rehearsal with us which gave us a better knowledge where their parts come in and out. also having them both just gave the song a different feel altogether.

unfortunately, Helen wasn’t in today so I covered the vocal for today so we could follow the structure more. the only downfall to this is that I couldn’t do the harmonies with the original melody.

#6: Friday 27th January.

today instead of a rehearsal we had a show are tell where each band performed one song that they had been learning.

my band, the 2000s, played You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse which I think overall sounded pretty good to say we didn’t have everyone on each rehearsal. the only part of the song that really let us down was the ending where we had practised slowing down but not everyone was sure so we ended in different places but it gives us something to improve on.

whilst playing I found some places where I could improve which is basically just drilling the structure and chord changes into my head and know which inventions I’m going use and where. 

after we finished the song the tutors gave us feedback and give us ideas on what to improve on and what we did well. one of the tutors said to me about how I have improved with my playing and using different inversions instead of playing block chords.

#7: Tuesday 31st January.

Today in our rehearsal we had decided that we should start or the second song that we had chosen which is starlight by the muse. 

We picked the song because it has many different rhythms within the song that aren’t particularly hard but it is tricky fitting them all in together and getting them to be in time also making sure all the stops and breaks on certain interments are pulled off smoothly.

However today we were missing the two crucial parts that make up our band so we could have a productive rehearsal which was drums and bass. never the less we carried on and made a start on the song, to be honest I think it benefited us because it gave us (guitar and piano) a chance to work on our parts and get a basic knowledge of the song so that we could dive straight in the next rehearsal when we were all back in the booth.

We worked through every section and eventually got through the whole song and it sounded pretty good already with just the guitars and piano and vocals. in the middle of the session, while sam was playing the chorus melody line he had thought that I was playing the wrong chord, he thought I should be playing a D# and I was certain that I should be playing a D#m. I was positive I was right because I had learnt the chords and the song previously to the rehearsal and had been playing along with the original track and it all sounded right to me. to fix this problem I got my phone out and got the song up because I had got it saved on my phone in case we needed to listen to the song in the rehearsal, so I got the track up and also got up a video on YouTube of a guy playing the song which I had watched to learn the chords. 

It turned out that we were both right but where I stayed on the D#m he went from a D# to a D#m because he was playing the melody line and it is slightly different to what I play.

Overall the rehearsal went really well and we are ready to pick another song which we will discuss over our Facebook group chats.

Friday 3rd Feb

For our rehearsal today the band had agreed to carry on with starlight because we had two band members missing, the previous rehearsal. Today, unfortunately, we didn’t have Helen which wasn’t a massive problem but we did need her because we got a bit lost with the structure because we had no vocal to go by because this has happened a couple of times I think I will also learn the vocal parts just incase Helen isn’t in because this will mean that we don’t have to struggle through that particular area of the song also isn’t easy when you don’t have the singers as its hard to keep to the structure of the song and in time with the lyrics, this also means that the band cant get the right levels so were accompanying to vocalist instead of the band over powering the vocal.

However the rehearsal went really well and we got a lot more done, we added the drums and bass as they were both in during this session.This gave us chance to work on the dynamics in the build-ups where all the instalments join at the end of the chorus ending on the f#7 for a bar and then dropping out to just the distorted bass.

To get the right bass sound our bassist has got some effects pedals that he said he will use to get the right tone, Again for this song I am using my fender drive pedal but turning the gain up more to get a better distorted and gritty tone out of my Telecaster


One of the main reasons our band works so well together is because we communicate a lot in our Facebook group chat, where we share song suggestions and other things like lighting and backdrop ideas, this is good because everyone knows what is happening when they walk into the booth and we set up quick and also everyone knows their parts, which saves a massive amount of time also it doesn’t interfere with our rehearsal time

*group chat screenshot*


This video shows the song we have been rehearsal today but without our vocalist.

There are a few mistakes but this is understandable because this is our second rehearsal of this song but our first altogether, so I think that it went pretty well in my opinion.`

Further more, at the end of our session we went through I know you’re no good to refresh our minds on it and also to work on the ending to get it perfect and to make sure everyone is locked in with each other. in this song it has some great build ups like starlight has in the chorus which means that we are focused on our dynamics and our volume levels more so the we are playing with the vocals and the vocals aren’t playing with us.

For our next rehearsal, we are going to pick another song on the group chat.

Tuesday 7th Feb

Today in our rehearsal everyone in the band was here which meant that we could go through Starlight as a full band for the first time. one thing that kept this band going so well is that everyone knows their parts which makes the whole proses a lot more simple and quicker for us to get all of our songs done, also this means that we get more time to focus on the finer details of our songs to get them perfected. for example today we worked a lot more on the texture and dynamics and also the tone of the guitars to get them like the recordings. we also looked at adding another guitar part for sam so he didn’t have to keep on the bass riff which one of the tutors had previously suggested, he suggested that sam should play open chords to fill the song out more.



This video shows a few runs through of the song we have been rehearsing and some alterations in the song that we have added. as you can hear at the start of the video someone was out of tune and we couldn’t figure out what it was or who it was, eventually we figured out that it was the keyboard because Charlie turned it on and off again and we tried again and it sounded fine afterwords.

Overall I think that the rehearsal went pretty well and we were productive and got a lot covered.

We plan to learn a new song for the net week.

Tuesday 14th Feb

For our rehearsal today we had decided to learn crying lightning by Arctic monkeys.

*video of song*

We chose this song because it is complex enough for each player to push us outside our comfort zones. over the weekend sam (the second guitarist) sent me the tutorial to learn the guitar parts, luckily im a monkeys fan so I know the song and the structure of the song. unluckily I didn’t have the chance to look at it until Tuesday morning.

*picture of chat*

The thing that me and sam needed to work on and figure out who was doing which parts and who was playing which riffs. after we had figured this out we played together and tried to use as much or the rehearsal before we had to preformed the song for show and tell on the friday 17th along with the muse song that we have been practising.

Thursday 16th Feb

So today was the first day that the roadies were really able to get stuck in with the process of the gig planning and set up. this was because we had a show and tell on the 17th in the venue in our college and it all needed setting up which meant that we needed to find out what all the equipment that we needed to move and move it from the studio to the venue.

*list of eqipt *

This list shows all the equipment that we were swapping for what was already in the venue. the team of roadies got put into pairs and allocated a job to do to be more organised in the moving process .

*pic of whiteboard*

As the picture shows above I was put with Danny and we got told to be in charge of the drum kit.


These photos show the team of roadies working together to move all the equipment from one room to another and set up the stage.

Thursday 17th Feb

We had previously decided to do an extra rehearsal before show and tell to go through the new arctic monkeys song to get a better understanding of the song because the stage and all the equipment had been set up so we practiced in the venue which also gave the sound engineer ben a chance to sound check all the equipment and get a good level for each part of the band and also gave him a chance to use the replacement desk. it also have us a chance to play with the amps that we would be using in the gig and get the right tones and level for our instrument.

In this rehearsal we went over the two songs that we were doing for show and tell which was starlight and crying lightning and they needed to have the most work because we needed to get the finer details of the songs.

Friday 17th Feb 

Today was the day of our second show and tel. I felt pretty confident in the two songs that we had chosen to perform and I felt confident in the parts that I was playing.

The feed back we got back from the tutors was mostly positive but they did give us some things to work on which was understandable and our band agreed with what they said, for example one of the tutors said that our endings on both of t he songs let us down and didn’t do justice to how well we played the songs and how tight we were and that they needed some attention. 

One positive thing that was said was that me and Helen (lead singer) had a good sound and the harmonies were on point and that our voices worked well together.

For our next rehearsal when we come back from the half turn we will focus on the feedback we have been given.

during the next few weeks we have no rehearsals as it is half term and then our solo recital exams.

Tuesday 28th february

we continued to work on crying lightning, focusing on the tempo, ending and our sound levels throughout and also the dynamics and texture of the song so that it differentiated between parts of the song so it didn’t all sound the same. we have also decided that we should start working on a new song. I suggested that we do a more well-known song because all the songs that we had got so far weren’t massively popular songs of that era that everyone would know and plus the fact that the 2000s is all about the cheesy pop songs and we had not got one, so I put forward the idea of doing Sunday Morning bt Maroon 5 which was a practical song for the band because it is played by a full band so everyone had a substantial part. i also asked Helen if ic could be possible if i sang the song because i love the song and i hadn’t really got a singing part this term. and she sai it was fine so we split the song so i would do the verses and she would do the pre-chorus and chorus. it worked out very well.

*sunday morning vid*

the aim foe the next rehearsal is to begin working on sunday morning.

over the next two rehearsals we had unfortunately had Helen missing due to medical problems which she was in hospital for. so we didn’t have a lead singer which wasnt easy for our band because the lead singer keeps our band together and in time plus we know where in the songs we are with the lead singer. so in the meantime while we were missing Helen we worked on sunday morning and the other songs to get them nailed. for the time being though in was covering for helen the best I could so it kept the band going. in the maroon 5 song we had changed one of the chords Dm7 to a Dadd9 which caused the chords to clash less and also we added a longer into so sam could do some subtle soloing. we had some problems during this period because with no singer we had no reference as to how loud or quiet we should have been and we gradually got too loud I think this may have mainly been because of on of the guitarist sam because he had a boost pedal and he had it set very high so when he pressed it ion it shut out everyone else. also we started working on another song bt the roots called the seed 2.0 which we got another member of our course to join in on because we thought hr might  be best at the rapping in the song because i tried and the timing of the rapping against the guitar part was proving difficult.

friday 31st march

in this session we had Helen back and she was feeling better which was good because we had been working the past couple of weekes with no lead singer which proved difficult. so in this rehearsal we chose our final song which we came to the conclusion should be underneath it all by no doubt which I was well up for because im a big no doubt fan but we had some reservations about the song as a band because we already had a reggae song and we were trying to get songs from different genres but we came to the conclusion that this song would be perfect for he band after listening to it properly because of all the different parts and the fact that we could get Karla (our tutor, who is an amazing musition!) also it gave our keys player that we had borrowed from first year a chance to have a interesting part that he could play and get an interesting sound from the Roland key board.

*underneath vid*

afer we had a dicution about our final song we carried on with the other songs in the set mainly the roots song because it needed the most work out of the sings that we had chosen.

tuesday 4th april

todsy inour rehursal we started to play Underneath it all which i was suprissed on how well it actually went becayse everyone knew what they were doing and knew tthe parts. we also had Karla which made the rehearsal that much better because the song just sounded do much fuller and it added a whole new texture to the song and to the band that we had not had before. we had a problem at the start of the rehearsal between two members of the band where they had a disagreement but we swiftly moved past it so that it didn’t interrupt the rehearsal so we didn’t get our full session. I was impressed with everyone in the band on how well everyone knew their parts and the sound that they wanted Julian particular was on it I think this may have been because he enjoyed playing the song and also that he had put a lot of work in with Karla outside of the rehearsals. I was also happy with the sound I was producing because I had found a really nice tone from my guitar that was really clean but snappy which was perfect for the type of guitar than I was doing.

Friday 7th april

today was the day of our 3rd show and tell and i was feeling even more cinfident about the sings that the previous one because i felt we had more rehursal time the onlt thing i was worried about was the rots sonbg because there are many different contrasiting oarts ijnthe song that needed to be exicuted correct or the song would not sound in any way shape of form cirrect.

throughout the show and tekl there were a few issueswith feed back from the microphones and when we were on the stage it seamed to become a neverending problem because it kept coming back as soon as it seamed to get sorted out. a few points during the performan=ce of Sunday morening me and helen both had our mics turned off for a couple of seconds.

over all though i think every band did an amazing job and these gigs are gonna be two of, the best we have done.

the aim for the easter holidays is to keep working on all the sings at home and get our oarts drilled into our heads, mainly the rots and underneath it all because they ar eour two new songs rhat needed the most work.

over the holidays the markiting team had sorted the posters for both the gigs and we had been shown them and they were very impressive and eye catcging. bellow is a picture of the lancaster apothecary gig poster, which personally i prefered.


tuesday 25th april

seen as though the first gig in the box was cloising in on us fast we dicedie in the rehursal that we soukld work out what the setlist shoukld be and the order of what soings we were gonna play and also which song we wernt going to play and which we woukd swap for the second gig. the set list we came to for the box gig was;

  1. starlight
  2. you know im no good
  3. crying lightning
  4. sunday morning
  5. underneath it all

seen as though we had agreed on the set list we continued the rehearsal x as usual and we started with underneath it all seen as though it was the newest sing and karla had already d=se t up he pecuttion. as the rehursal went on we were starting to look more o0n the finer details of the songs for example w got jess and kerry to come into the rehursal finally and play you know in no good with us properly and it sounded like they had been with us the wj=hole time and it gave the soing that thiung int needed to give it that authentic feel. 

Thursday 27th April

in today’s rehearsal, we got the chance to run through the whole set from start to finn\ish which I think gave the band a massive confidence boost because we can now get through the set with no problems. at the start of the rehearsal, we had some little disagreements but we moved quickly past it


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