Seven Deadly Sins Evaluation.

Over this past term we had been working in bands for our “Seven Deadly Sins” themed gig which was on the 7th December. I had been put in two bands this term, Pride and Greed but I have 9nly been writing about the Greed band because I felt like a had more to talk about.

The songs that we chose were;

“Glitter and Gold” by Rebecca Ferguson.

“Money” by Barrett Strong.

“Diggin’ for Gold” which was our original composition.

“I Want It All” by Queen.

We also got asked to end the night with a Christmas song which we also got to choose which was “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues. as the gig grew closer Igot more excited to play, I was a bit nervous because 9f the last song which I didn’t feel I had the confidence to do but I had amazing people in the band that encouraged me loads and I overcame the nervousness. overall I felt like we were ready for the gig because out rehursals went so well and we all worked well in a band.
One think about the gig and the sound I would have liked to improve was how much of ourselves (the singers) could hear of what we were singing in the monitors because the rest of the band were loud and it sort of drowns out what was being played through the monitors.

Also I would have liked to improve the sound of the vocalist from the audience aide of the stage because again the vocal levels were being drowned out by the band simply because they were loud. personally I think I could have improved some of my pitching throughout the night because I felt like I was put some times. overall the sound being put out was amazing one of the best sounds we have hit out of the gigs that was due to a great sound engineer but also the fact that everyone knee the sound they wanted to get out of the amps and their kit for example George and Nye with their pedal boards. they had everything set right so nothing was too loud when they changed the pedal or anything. 
Some of our main weaknesses were a few tempo issues in a couple of our songs for example in “I Want It All” the tempo did lag a bit 8n the start lucky it wasn’t so noticeable to the audience but to the band playing who have been rehursing for hours knew when something wasn’t quite right, again an example of this would be in our own composition “Diggin’ For Gold” we missed a whole verse out unfortunately due to our bassist, who had never played the song wrong one since we started, accidentally went straight to the chorus instead of the second verse. he should have really switched back to sync back in with the rest of the band but the band changed for him which wasnt a problem apart from the singers wondering what had happened but cara had heard where we were and gave me a look as if to say we’re in the chorus and I quickly found my way back to the right harmonies.
A strength we had was we kept our heads in the zone and payed attention to the finer details of the songs and kept our dynamics and texture tight when it could have just as easily been lost with the adrenaline of the gig and just wanting a reaction from the crowd. I think alot of the bands managed to do the same for example the wrath band had some heavy songs but it wasn’t just all mud you could hear everything going on especially in their composition.

Our final song we played, which was added only a couple of rehursals before the gig, I think went really well for how long we had to learn the song and get it absolutely right. the crown really got into the song which made the song even better because when you get a good reaction you feel good about what you’re doing which I think helped me when I was singing the 2 intro verses because I had been asked by the tut to sing it a higher register instead of lower because it would compliment the song better. previously to the gig I hadn’t sang it Properly into a mic with the whole band because my confidence levels were on the floor because I didn’t think I could do it but I did in the gig and I had amazing support by my band and they encouraged me and that helped massively. I think the sound overall for this song was great and the textures and tempo wasn’t lost at all going into the fast verses, I also think that song sounded so much better because the guitarist used acoustic guitars instead of electric and our saxophonist also switched her instrument tother violin and it just made the song.

Throughout the whole set our biggest mistake was when we missed a verse because our bassist Eddie had a hiccup and played the wrong part in the wrong place but the whole band handled it very well and didn’t make a deal out of it we just carried on like nothing happens and reassured Eddie so he wouldn’t worry about it.

Overall I was very happy with the gig went and think our set was very successful and the audience looked like they were having a good time and sound like we’re too. I felt like I was confident going onto the stage because our rehearsals went so well and we had a really good strategy to tackle our songs so get the best sound. I enjoyed this band alot and the whole rehursal process I think this was because all of our personalitys fitted together and we are all creative so ideas bounced off eachother and we came out with some good stuff also we never fell out during the whole lead up to the gig which I think helped because all the rehursals went really well. I would happily work with the people in this band again.


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